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Healthy vending machine Brisbane and Gold Coast

Offering numerous healthy meals and drinks, Xvend has healthy vending machines in the area for a wide variety of industries, like gyms, offices, hospitals, and schools. Healthy vending machines are a great way to offer a variety of healthy snacks and drinks, getting nutritious foods to those that need them, in a convenient and easy way. 

Because of that, they’re a great way to promote healthy eating habits; offering cash-free options and a variety of sizes, healthy vending machines are a great addition to any space. See our healthy vending machine options or our machines to learn more, or contact us to start your enquiry.

Healthy vending machine meals

Healthy vending machine meals are becoming a popular option for people looking to eat healthy while staying on the go. There are a variety of healthy vending machine meal options available, and Xvend machines can be customised to include your space’s favourite snacks and meals, such as: 

With zero hire, installation, or maintenance fees, it’s easier than ever to find healthy vending machine meals that meet your needs. 

Healthy vending machine drinks

Healthy vending machine drinks are becoming increasingly popular compared to traditional alternatives like soft drinks. And while they still often carry the classics, certain spaces like gym vending machines, find that alternatives like protein vending machines are more popular.

There’s something for everyone, with plenty of options for healthy vending machine drinks, such as:

  • Water
  • Sparkling and flavoured water
  • Ice teas and juices
  • Milk, coffee, and protein drinks

Xvend’s healthy vending machine drinks are placed across Brisbane and the Gold Coast; with no hire, maintenance, or installation fees, they’re a great way to keep your space happy and productive. 

Protein vending machines

In spaces like gyms, a protein vending machine is a popular choice for many reasons, such as pre and post-workout snacks, a filling meal, or a quick pick-me-up. Xvend offers a wide variety of healthy vending machine options like protein bars, from a variety of suppliers such as BSC, Sanitarium, and more.

Xvend’s protein vending machine options are customisable to fit each space’s needs. There are also no hire, delivery, maintenance, installation or replenishment fees.

Customisablehealthy vending machines

Xvend customisable healthy vending machines can be changed to fit your space. Whether it’s fussy eaters for school vending machines or protein-focused gym vending machines, Xvend can help customise a solution to keep everyone happy. With our vending service, you have complete control over the types of food and beverages accessible for your space. Our healthy vending machine options are stocked and replenished free of charge, which means you won’t have to worry about sacrificing healthy options for less popular alternatives.

Xvend machines also have the latest payment systems, including credit card swipers, bill validators, coin changers, and more – making healthy eating habits more convenient than ever. And if customisable healthy vending machine options and convenient, contactless vending machines weren’t enough to encourage you to enquire now, other benefits of Xvend’s machines include:

  • Free routine machine maintenance and cleaning
  • Live sales tracking and support
  • Remote inventory management and regular replenishment

See who we work with and provide healthy vending machine hire to in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales, or contact us to learn more.


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