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School vending machines provide items like snacks and drinks to students and teachers which are a necessity as they require optimal brain functioning in class. Students can begin to lose focus, and become tired and hungry if there is no convenient access to proper food and drink which may make them less productive. If you are looking for a vending machine hire for your school, contact XVend today.
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24 hour live transaction monitoring. Tracking and catering to our clients specific needs.
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Power saving mode & LED lighting on our vending machines. Saving electricity and good for the environment.
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Contactless payment options including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Eftpos
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24 hour or same day repairs with no call out fees.

A simple snack between breakfast and lunch will give school students the energy to refocus, encouraging them to be more productive in their school work. Below are some of the other benefits of installing XVend vending machines in your schools.

Provide healthy food options to students

Most people believe that vending machines always contain unhealthy foods that can damage students’ health, but the fact Xvend can customise your school’s vending machine options and install only healthy food that can help maintain students’ health.

In today’s world, vending machines offer healthier options like tuna and crackers, popcorn, nuts and muesli bars at school. Doing this will encourage students to choose to eat better food.

Help students stay focused

It is being said that food is a source of energy for the body, and it is critical for developing students to get through their academic careers on a fundamental basis. 

If there is a vending machine in schools, students will stay attentive and gain the energy they require to get through the day. In addition, the consumption of nutritious snacks prevents a sugar high that causes a crash later in the day.

Fills nutritional gaps

It is the goal for most parents that their children eat well at all times but they a lot of the time have little influence over what their children eat at school. Students these days are craving popular processed foods. 

Students can get easy access to more essential vitamins and minerals if there is a healthy vending machine in their school. 

Why You Should Choose Xvend To Provide Healthy Vending Machines In Your School

Our vending machine variety enables you to deliver easy vending solutions for cold beverages, snacks, and light meals to your school students.

We also have the most up-to-date payment systems, including credit card swipers, bill validators, coin changers, and more which are ideal for students of all ages.

With our vending service, you have complete control over the types of food and beverages accessible at your school. Our customised vending machines provide healthy food, snacks, and beverage alternatives reduced in calories, carbs, and sugar for your primary or high school to provide high service and choices for students and teachers alike. 

When you hire through Xvend, we not only install vending machines in your school, but we also maintain them regularly. Routine machine maintenance and cleaning, sales tracking, and inventory management are all part of the vending service. Live sales monitoring and management ensures that your machines remain fully operating and regularly filled with your preferred consumables.

If you are looking for a reputable vending machine in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern New South Wales, get in touch with us and let us help you with the best vending machine for your primary school and high school.

Our teams are experts and professionals in installing vending machines in primary schools and high schools across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. 

Contact us today to find out more about how a vending machine for your teachers and students can improve your school!


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