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Vending machine hire for warehouse operations will boost workplace productivity while ensuring the safety of your employees. Xvend offers advanced vending solutions, personalised for the unique demands of warehouse settings, with a $0 hire fee*, including installation and a great choice of products from various beverages to healthy food options. Discover how our vending machines can be an essential part of your warehouse’s daily rhythm.
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24 hour live transaction monitoring. Tracking and catering to our clients specific needs.
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Power saving mode & LED lighting on our vending machines. Saving electricity and good for the environment.
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Contactless payment options including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Eftpos
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24 hour or same day repairs with no call out fees.

*We provide fully stocked vending machines for hire, we do not hire out empty vending machines for individuals to stock themselves.

Our Vending Machines For Warehouses Include:

At Xvend, our vending machines are more than just dispensers; they’re a complete solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern workplaces, including warehouse operations, offices, educational institutions, and more. Each machine is equipped with a variety of features and product selections to ensure satisfaction and convenience:

Wide Range of Products 

From refreshing beverages, including iced coffees and energy drinks, to nutritious snacks and wholesome meals, our machines offer a selection that caters to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Healthy Options 

Recognising the growing demand for wellness in the workplace, we provide a variety of healthy food options, allowing individuals to maintain a balanced diet even on busy days.

Eco-Friendly Features

Our vending machines are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring power-saving modes and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Advanced Payment Solutions

Catering to the digital age, our machines support contactless payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and EFTPOS, facilitating a seamless and hygienic transaction process.

Live Transaction Monitoring

We offer 24-hour live transaction monitoring, ensuring that we can swiftly respond to and cater to our clients’ specific needs and preferences.

Services We Provide For Warehouse Hire

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the vending machines. Xvend is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services, ensuring that our clients have a hassle-free experience from start to finish:

Personalised Consultation 

Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, helping to select the right vending solutions for your space.

Professional Installation 

We manage the entire installation process, ensuring that your vending machines are set up efficiently and ready to go without any inconvenience.

Routine Maintenance and Servicing 

Our service doesn’t stop at installation. We offer regular maintenance and same-day repairs, guaranteeing that our machines are always in top working condition.

Custom Stocking and Management 

Based on live sales data and client feedback, we customise the product selection and regularly restock the machines, ensuring that your favourites are always available.

$0 Hire and Installation Fees 

Embodying our commitment to value, our vending machine hire comes with no upfront costs, including the hire and installation fees, allowing you to enjoy our services without additional financial burden.

Partner with Xvend for Your Warehouse Vending Hire Needs

Embrace the Xvend advantage and transform your warehouse into a space of high productivity and satisfied employees. Our vending solutions are designed to meet the dynamic needs of warehouse environments, ensuring your team has access to nourishing snacks and beverages without stepping away from the action.

Contact Xvend today to explore how our vending machine hire can revolutionise your warehouse environment, boosting efficiency and morale across the board. Our team is ready to custom-make a vending solution that aligns perfectly with your operational needs and employee preferences.


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