Molendinar Vending Machine Hire

Xvend provides Molendinar with an extensive selection of vending machines to hire. From healthy options to sweet treats, we have machines to accommodate any preference and provide a convenient way to purchase food and drinks quickly and easily. Our vending machines are available for drinks or meals, as well as for combination vending machines with both snacks and drinks. 

Molendinar vending machines are supposed to be convenient. That’s why our vending machines are entirely free to hire, have delivered and installed,  and don’t cost any servicing fees.

Molendinar vending machines for any industry

Introduce your space to Xvend – the convenient, contactless vending machine solution designed to serve all of your industry needs. From workplaces to airports, restaurants to sports arenas and everything in between, our machines are here to provide fast, efficient and contactless transaction solutions. 

Convenience vending and contactless payment abilities

Thanks to advances in smart technology, our Molendinar vending machines offer both paperless payment methods as well as credit card/chip and pin devices – ensuring you have every avenue covered when it comes to customer convenience. 

That means you can supply your space with the ability to easily purchase food and drinks with a simple wave of your phone or tap of a button! So, whether you need snacks for staff break rooms, food for airport waiting lounges or grab-and-go items for peckish workers in the office, we have the solution for you. 

And to top it off, our innovative vending machines are integrated with live monitoring and stock management systems, meaning we can see when stock is running low and will replenish it – free of charge.

For ultimate convenience combined with satisfaction, the team at Xvend Solutions is here to serve you!

Learn more about who we are

Since it was established in 2012, Xvend has become a leader in contactless, unattended vending machines for many areas, providing convenient services throughout the workplace, construction sites, government and education precincts and public domains. 

Initially beginning with traditional can-only drink machines, we transformed our approach to accommodate the evolving needs of customers by introducing industry-leading combination snack/drink vending machines with contactless payment systems. Our commitment to keeping up with the times is reflected in their continued growth and success.

  • Xvend Solutions aims to provide a wide selection of appropriate vending machines for any setting. 
  • We deliver healthy Molendinar vending machines, snack vending machines, combo vending machines, drink vending machines, and vending machine hire.
  • Our vending services are the best choice for you and your business! You can discover more about these services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern NSW.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

  • 24-hour live transaction monitoring and tracking to provide clients with their specific needs
  • Convenient and easy payment options, including visa, MasterCard, Google Play, American Express, EFTPOS, and Apple pay.
  • Same-day repairs and maintenance with no extra charges
  • Power saving mode on our vending machines.
  • Good and saving electrical power to reduce energy consumption will help the environment.
  • Safe products through our sourcing and purchasing branch.
  • Free Molendinar vending machine hire for businesses of all kinds.
  • With more snacks and beverages to choose from, vending helps you snack safely.

Partner With Us Today!

Xvend can offer free, fully serviced Molendinar convenience vending to schools, hotels, hospitals, Universities, shopping centres, warehouses, retail spaces, and many more across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern NSW. 

We are also known for delivering high technology and levels of management to provide our customers with the best vending convenience. Contact us for your Molendinar vending machine!

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24 hour live transaction monitoring. Tracking and catering to our clients specific needs.
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Power saving mode & LED lighting on our vending machines. Saving electricity and good for the environment.
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Contactless payment options including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Eftpos
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24 hour or same day repairs with no call out fees.
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