How Much Does a Vending Machine Cost?

ow much does a vending machine cost?

How much does a vending machine cost? Well, it depends on a variety of factors, but they generally fall anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000. So, for example, a small, snack-only vending machine will be on the lower end, medium-sized drinks vending machine will fall somewhere in the middle, and a brand new, large, combo vending machine (meaning one that can sell both drinks and snacks) will cost more. 

One of the goals of every business owner is to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. To run a successful business means to understand the benefit of investing in the welfare of your employees. Good morale leads to improved efficiency and productivity in every industry. That’s why hiring a vending machine can be a great addition to your business.

In this article, we are going to break down how much a vending machine costs in more detail, as well as relay to you some of the other benefits of hiring a vending machine.

That being said, why pay for one? At Xvend, we hire out vending machines for the grand total of $0. That’s right; it costs nothing at all to you. You simply contact us, and we install it (also free of charge), replenishing it whenever you need (and you might be catching on here – also free of charge). So if you’re in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, it’s a no-brainer – contact us today. 

So, How Much is a Vending Machine?

Well, how long is a piece of string? A brand new vending machine costs around $2,000 – $10,000 (AUD). 
The price of a vending machine varies depending on features, such as size, construction quality, the number of items to display and whether or not the vending machine is refrigerated. We will look into them in details below. 

Different Vending Machine Prices

As already mentioned, every vending machine has a different price depending on your needs. The cost of the machine depends on the type. Some of the prices are as follows: 

#1. Soda Vending Machines 

Usually, the price of a soda or drink vending machine ranges from $3000 to $6000. Since they need refrigeration, they are usually a little more expensive than snack-only machines. They are generally somewhat more compact, however.

#2. Snack Vending Machines

Furthermore, snack vending machines are another popular type. They are a go-to option for busy professionals thanks to their grab-and-go feature. Depending on their technology, most units cost as much as $8,000, with the low-end starting at around $2,000.

#3. Combination Vending Machines

Most business owners prefer vending machines that can provide their staff with a combination of snacks and drinks. This is the reason that many businesses prefer combination vending machines.

Combination vending machines can dispense many items, including chocolates, chips, and drinks, as well as healthy options for drinks and snacks. A combination vending machine costs between $7,000-$10,000. 

#4. Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines rank among the most expensive vending machines to purchase. This is because they need moving parts in addition to the conventional mechanisms to dispense hot water, cups, and coffee that must be spotless inside and out. 

Thus, they need more upkeep than other vending machines. A used one costs about $5000, but you could even spend upwards of about $10,000 for a newer model. 

#5. Specialised Vending Machines

There are many specialised vending machines worldwide, ranging from pizza vending machines to dashi (Japanese fish broth) vending machines to clothing vending machines and more. Needless to say, many of these reside in Japan!

Why Your Business Needs a Vending Machine

#1. Improvement of Staff Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Morale

One of the most significant benefits of installing a vending machine on business premises is the impact on staff morale, satisfaction, and efficiency. Installing a vending machine for your staff shows that you care about them and allows them to get a snack whenever they want. 

When your staff feel you are concerned for their welfare, they will perform at their best. With vending machines around, staff can re-energise and regularly recharge, meaning they can maintain focus for more extended periods of time.

#2. Healthy Living

Over time, workplaces have placed a greater emphasis on employees’ health and well-being due to how it affects performance and reliability at work. As a result, vending machine providers now provide healthier options to promote a healthy lifestyle. This can be incredibly convenient if your place of work isn’t close to any food and beverage establishments.

#3. Keep Staff Happy and Productive

Having options for onsite food & drinks means your staff can remain at your business and maintain optimum productivity. If your workplace is not located close to shops or cafes, a vending machine can provide an essential service to your staff whilst giving them more time to engage in lunchtime socialising and boost morale. When travel time for food is reduced, your staff have more time to relax and recharge – and happy staff are productive staff

Why You Should Choose Xvend Vending Solutions

At Xvend, we have experience in providing:

So even though you may be wondering “How much does a vending machine cost?”, we understand that most businesses don’t want to actually buy new vending machines. As a result, we offer vending machine rental services to businesses for $0. Our services cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Northern New South Wales. We also have variety of products to install from a little snacks, drinks to a healthy meal. See our products options

Are you an employer looking for ways to improve employee productivity and satisfaction? Or do you just fancy a snack at work? Then, contact us today, and we can work within your specifications.  

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