11 common types of vending machines

Type Of Vending Machine

If you think all vending machines are the same, think again! The vending world has expanded beyond the simple snack and soda dispensers we see everyday and there are now many types of vending machines available around the world. With the rapid advancement in technology and the ever-changing demands of consumers, vending machines have evolved into diverse and innovative solutions for a variety of needs. 

In this article we discuss the 11 most common types of vending machines that cater to different tastes, necessities, and preferences, revealing just how far these machines have come since their inception in the 1800s. 

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Types of vending machines

Coffee vending machines

Coffee vending machines are perfect for those who are always on the go and need a quick caffeine fix. They can offer a range of coffee drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. Some machines even have the ability to customise the strength and flavour of the coffee to the user’s preference.

Coffee vending machine

Combo vending machines

Combo vending machines are the most popular type of vending machine. They offer both food and drink options, all in one convenient location. They are perfect for places like offices, schools, and hospitals, where people may not have the time to leave the building to grab a bite to eat, or just want that extra bit of convenience.

Combo Vending Machines

Snack vending machines

Snack vending machines are perfect for when you need a quick snack on the go! They offer a range of options, from sweet treats to savoury snacks, and everything in between. Snack vending machines can also provide healthy snack options, perfect for locations like the gym.

Snacks in vending machine

Drink vending machines

Drink machines offer a range of beverage options, including soda, water, juice, and protein shakes. They are perfect for locations like parks and areas where people may be in need of a refreshing drink after exercising.

Drinks in the Xvend vending machine

Frozen vending machines

Frozen vending machines offer a range of frozen treats, including ice cream and frozen yoghurt. They are perfect for locations like amusement parks and movie theatres where people are looking for a sweet treat to enjoy.

Ice cream vending machine

Smart vending machines

Smart vending machines feature touchscreen displays and accept tap pay, making them incredibly convenient for users.  They can offer a range of products, including food, drinks, and even electronics.

Smart Vending Machines Australia

Fresh food vending machines

Fresh food vending machines offer a range of fresh and healthy food options, including meals,  sandwiches, salads, and fruit cups. They are perfect for locations like airports and train stations where people are looking for a quick and healthy meal on the go.

Fresh Food Vending Machine

Cooked food vending machines

Cooked food vending machines offer a range of hot food options, including pizza, hot dogs, and burgers. They are perfect for locations like sports arenas and concert venues where people may be in need of a quick and satisfying meal. In some of them, you can even watch the robot cook your meal!

Cooked meal vending machine (pizza)

Merchandise vending machines

Merchandise vending machines offer a range of merchandise options, including t-shirts, hats, and even souvenirs. They are perfect for locations like tourist attractions and theme parks where people may be looking for a unique souvenir to take home. They are also great for hotels, to stock with essential items that their guests may have forgotten.

Japanese Capsule Toy Vending Machine Gachapon In Narita International Airport.

Healthy vending machines

Healthy vending machines provide convenient and nutritious snack and drink options, such as whole-grain chips, nuts, fresh juices, and salads. They can be found in various locations like schools, gyms, and hospitals. They are a great way to promote healthier eating habits on the go.

Healthy Vending Machines

Customised vending machines

Customised machines can be tailored to offer a range of products, including everything from personal care items to electronics. These machines are perfect for locations that have specific needs, such as airports and hotels.

Customised vending machines can also refer to custom-branded vending machines or promo-wrapped machines. These machines are designed to reflect the branding of a particular company or location. They can be customised with a variety of design elements, including logos, colours, and advertising messages. This type of customisation can help to create a cohesive brand image across a variety of locations and increase brand recognition among customers. Additionally, custom-branded vending machines can be used to promote specific products or services, making them an effective marketing tool for businesses.

Employee Experiencing The Benefits Of Having A Vending Machine At Work

Media vending machines

Media vending machines are designed for locations that just need something extra. They feature a LCD display screen on the front of the machine which displays advertising to the customer while they are making a purchase. The displayed ads can either be promoting the products within the vending machine or other product ads.

Media Vending Machine

Which type of vending machine will you choose?

At Xvend we carry a variety of vending machine types and a range of products to ensure that your customers have the perfect selection to choose from, no matter your industry. If you’re looking to rent a vending machine with a $0 hire fee, contact us today.

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