The Best Places to Put a Vending Machine

Two Vending Machines Strategically Placed In A Waiting Room.

Choosing the perfect place for a vending machine is key to unlocking its potential as a long-term investment. Whether it’s enhancing the convenience of a workplace, catering to the needs of high-traffic public spaces, or providing essential items in around-the-clock facilities like healthcare centres, the placement of your vending machines can make all the difference. Knowing where to put a vending machine will help to ensure its profitability and effectiveness.

8 Best Places to Install a Vending Machine

Here’s where you can place vending machines to maximise their impact and convenience:


The modern office thrives on efficiency and convenience. Placing vending machines in break rooms or lounge areas where employees naturally congregate can significantly cut down the time they spend hunting for snacks offsite. For more industrious settings like manufacturing plants, machines right on the shop floor can mean the difference between a disrupted workflow and a flowing energised workforce.

Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities

In warehouses and manufacturing facilities, where staff often work long shifts and have limited break times, the placement of vending machines directly on the warehouse floor can be particularly beneficial. By situating machines in accessible areas within these settings, you provide staff with quick and easy access to refreshments and snacks without needing to travel far from their workstations. This convenience is crucial in maintaining productivity and morale, as it minimises downtime and keeps employees energised and hydrated throughout their shifts. Strategically placed vending machines can serve as a quick stop for workers to grab a bite or a drink, seamlessly fitting into the fast-paced environment of warehouses and manufacturing operations.

Public Areas

Public areas such as gyms and shopping centres offer prime locations for vending machines due to their high foot traffic and the diverse needs of their patrons. A gym vending machine placed at entry or exit points can provide members with a convenient way to purchase a quick energy boost or a hydrating drink precisely when they need it—either to kickstart a workout or aid in recovery afterward. And in shopping centres, vending machines strategically located in busy corridors or rest areas provide a welcome respite for shoppers.

Construction Sites

On construction sites, where workers often engage in physically demanding tasks and face rigorous schedules, the strategic placement of vending machines is crucial. Installing vending machines at key points around the site, such as near the rest areas or central gathering spots, provides workers with convenient access to quick snacks, hydrating beverages, and even essential personal items. This accessibility is vital for maintaining energy levels and morale, helping to reduce the time workers spend leaving the site to purchase food and drinks. 

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and clinics operate around the clock and face the critical task of serving both healthcare providers and visitors. Whether it’s a nurse grabbing a quick drink during a brief break or a family member needing a snack while waiting for news, a hospital vending machine provides convenient access to refreshments that can comfort and re-energise. 

Transportation Hubs

Transportation hubs are a whirlwind of activity with travellers on the go. Vending machines near ticketing areas or in waiting zones can provide a welcome relief with a snack or drink, making the wait and commute a little more pleasant and a lot more convenient.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms are prime locations for vending machines. Whether it’s in medical facilities, auto repair shops, or corporate buildings, people often spend a significant amount of time in waiting areas. Placing vending machines in the waiting rooms can improve the waiting experience by providing refreshment options and also by helping to alleviate the boredom or frustration that can come with long waits. 


Hotels are great venues for vending machines, providing essential services to guests who may need snacks, beverages, or even small travel essentials at all hours. Strategically placing vending machines in hotel lobbies or near elevators can enhance the guest experience by offering round-the-clock access to various products. This is particularly beneficial for guests who arrive late at night or have early morning departures when other food services might not be available. By ensuring these conveniences are readily available, hotels can improve overall guest satisfaction, encourage positive reviews, and increase the likelihood of repeat visits.

Tips for Vending Machine Placement

When deciding exactly where you will place a vending machine, here are a few tips and considerations to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction. 

  • Place the vending machine in an area with lots of foot traffic. The number of people passing by a vending machine directly influences its usage rates. Placing a vending machine in high-traffic areas such as main entrances, busy hallways, or popular communal areas in buildings ensures that your vending machine gets the attention it deserves.
  • Ensure it’s visible. Visibility is as important as foot traffic – if people can’t see it, they won’t use it. A vending machine should be easily seen by potential users. Placing it in clear view encourages spontaneous purchases and regular use.
  • Make it accessible. Accessibility ensures that everyone, including those with disabilities, can easily use the vending machine. This means considering factors like height, approachability, and ease of operation.
  • If possible, keep it in proximity to complementary services. Placing vending machines near complementary services can enhance their effectiveness. For example, a machine near a coffee station in an office or a water cooler in a gym creates a mini-convenience zone where people can grab a snack and a drink together, boosting the overall utility and appeal of the vending services.

These factors, when considered together, will maximise the vending machine’s usage and contribution to customer satisfaction and business profitability. 

Ready to Add A Vending Machine To Your Space?

Knowing where to put a vending machine can transform a simple vending operation into an important part of the day-to-day flow of its environment. If you are ready to improve your space with expertly placed vending solutions, reach out to Xvend today. Our team of experts is on hand to provide advice and strategic placement solutions that align with your business needs and customer preferences.

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